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Moein Zeraati (MO)

Terminator 2 was my starting point to the magical world of cinema especially visual effects; the world of smoke, mirrors, and tricks, exactly like a magician who makes a spectacular illusion.

My name is Moein I was born in 1990, My imagination was my best friend and a toy, watching movies and playing video games changed my mine, imagination could be visual and tangible like inside movies and video games. I jumped into CGI via 3dsmax when I was 16 and that was my first step.
Years later, I collaborated with companies and institutes meanwhile I graduated from computer science and BA (Hons) Visual Effects.

Now I am a 3D Environmental Artist and Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) Who is living in London.

For far more detail, check out my Linked in account Please.

VFX Generalist

3D Environment

Digital Imaging Technician

Lighting And Look-dev


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Years of experiences in computer graphic lead me to visual effects. Years of non-stop studying and investigation about visual effects put me at a level where I can work professionally as a visual effects artist. 3D environment position in particular.
“I am be able to do everything just give me two weeks”

Autodesk Maya90%
Foundry Nuke90%
3D Equalizer95%
Python Coding50%
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